Metal FS

Near-storage compute aware file system and operator pipelines.

Metal FS

Metal FS is a near-storage compute framework that combines FPGA compute kernels (‘operators’) with a file system. It is open-source on GitHub.

It currently supports CAPI-enabled FPGA cards in IBM POWER systems.

Development and simulation of operators is possible using only free tools (x86_64).

Getting started

The tutorial will cover how to create a Metal FS FPGA image that consists of pre-defined operators as well as a custom image transformation kernel.

For operator development you can either use a dockerized development environment (recommended), or set up the prerequisites manually.

Running on POWER

If you have access to a POWER8/POWER9 system equipped with a suitable FPGA, please follow the deployment guide.

Advanced Topics

Refer to these guides for advanced Metal FS use cases:


We welcome your feedback to Metal FS!

If you have questions or remarks, please create an issue on the main GitHub repo.