Metal FS

Near-storage compute aware file system and operator pipelines.

Docker-based Development Environment

Docker Images

The following Docker images are stacked to provide a self-contained development environment for Metal FS Operators and Metal FS-based applications:

Visual Studio Code Development Container

Using a plugin for the VS Code Editor, source code can be edited through a Docker container that has additional software installed, in this case the prerequisites listed above. Create devcontainer.json and docker-compose.yml files in your repository to get started.

HLS Development in Visual Studio Code

Docker Compose

You can also use the docker-compose.yml to spin up a development container without using VS Code.

docker-compose -f .devcontainer/docker-compose.yml up -d
docker-compose -f .devcontainer/docker-compose.yml exec metalfs-dev bash


If you are using a non-Linux host and want to start Vivado X11 applications from the container, please change the DISPLAY environment variable parameter to "DISPLAY=host.docker.internal:0.0" in .devcontainer/docker-compose.yml.

Allow Docker containers to connect to your X11 server:

FUSE in Docker

Vivado HLS Debugging in Docker